** Change to Our Guarantee Effective Feb 1st 2013 **

"Our Guarantee to Our Clients"

How confident are we at Johnnydsports in turning profits?  When you purchase a Week Access Package and we do NOT show a positive you will be eligible to receive FREE PICKS!

Upon completion of your package you must contact customer service 1 hour prior to the start of the next day's play to redeem this offer.  This offer only applies to regular weekly package and cannot be redeemed with special weekly package promotions.

The Free Pick Schedule is listed below:

Negative              0 – 50 Dimes                      = 1 Free Play

Negative              51 – 150 Dimes                 = 2 Free Plays

Negative              151 Dimes or higher         = 3 Free Plays

Free plays you receive that do not come in do not add to the negative outcome of your purchased package.  Free picks are sometimes sent by email if there are multiple games posted.